Separate the Hands!

Here's a video I promised...... Who did I promise! Anyway more on the separating of the hands and playing. Totally inspired by watching David Friedman and listening to him at the workshops and listening to him.

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Hi Tony, that was great! Just what I needed to better understand the epic lesson. I wish I could download the audio and listen at work all day on my mp3 player, but it's worth not being able to do that to have a clear example of what your hands are doing.
Thanks a lot,

Tony this is one of the most informative lessons I have ever seen on the site, not only the playing but the whole concept, it is a goal of mine and I am sure of a lot of the vibers on the site to get to this level, this is where it all comes together. Thanks for posting this gem.


So I followed Stephen's advice (log out, quit browser, come back), but the video still won't play for me. Any ideas?

Tom P.

And it works...

Tom P.

I think you promised me, so thanks very much for this, I totally understand the idea now!

I guess it's less like a guitar, and more like a piano - soloing with right, comping with the left.
It's also a bit like a technique I've heard horn players talking about/using, where they trying and solo in a high register, whilst jumping back down to the low register to add in roots and guide tones.

lots to practise!

Thanks again


Thank you for this lesson Tony!

You can not imagine how helpful this was to me!

Exactly what I need to practice solo improvisation in "someday my prince" ...

Thanks a lot Tony for your help with all these online lessons ... :)


The only thing I thought when I watched this... you know the song by D'angelo... SH&%T,, D&%MN, MO&#%")FER...haha


Oh man Tony!! I was working on this today as your last comment on my last post was about getting all hands into play. Man, this is so helpfull!!

Thanks for another timeless lesson!


i'm glad you find it helpful. you guys both rock and you are such positive forces here on the site!

I watched this before but never made it to the end because I would always go skulking off to practice. Tony I love your playing here!

wow. what a word!

skulking to the practice room now...

here's what I worked on tonight.

do the whole tune now.

btw - you sound good! your feel is good, it seems like you can weave through the changes well. so kudos to you! do the whole thing and post it!