Virtual Day Of Percussion - The Vibraphone! Feb 10, 2014


On Saturday we will link to all the videos for the second portion of the Day of Percussion on this page. Some players are playing live from 12-2. Others are submitting video which i will link to here.

David Friedman

Access: Anonymous

Spring Vibes - Germany March - A Vibes Intensive - March 17-18

We are trying something different this year in Germany. Instead of the big full blown workshop, we thought to try a two day intense workshop for players who want to quickly gather a lot of information. There will be handouts, and workshop topics to focus on specific areas of vibe playing. Then you take all this info home and practice!
Mallet Institute 
Kirchstrasse 20
40227 Düsseldorf 

David Friedman and Tony Miceli will perform on May 16th.

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Formula 5 Bars

There are some great instruments out there. I have been playing different instruments for years and years. There's a good vibraphone down in Argentina. I forget the name, it begins with an F. It's cool and sounds good.

I like the sound of the Yamaha, and of course the musser. Good instruments.

I just have never played anything like an Omega. I just got the Formula 5 bars, there latest recipe. They're beautiful. I have 3 different bar recipes in my house and they're all incredible. I'm just in love with this instrument.

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