Virtual Day Of Percussion - The Vibraphone! Feb 10, 2014


On Saturday we will link to all the videos for the second portion of the Day of Percussion on this page. Some players are playing live from 12-2. Others are submitting video which i will link to here.

David Friedman

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Andrew Hill and Bobby Hutcherson

Are you guys aware of the work Bobby Hutcherson did with Andrew Hill. I always put Andrew Hill in with Charles Mingus and Duke in his approach to harmony. It's way more modern than Duke though but I think there are a lot of musicians that descend from Duke in many ways.

Just thought I'd mention it here, if you don't know of the Andrew Hill CDs with Bobby Hutcherson, check them out.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

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The Love Vibe and Ed Smith

Ed has embraced the Malletech Love Vibe and done some great things on it. I think he understands the instrument more than anyone. I think it was sort of develop with him in mind by Leigh Stevens.

Check him out. Since Ed is not a straight ahead jazz vibes player he has a lot more time to write and work on getting different sounds on the instrument. It seems to me if you're a jazz vibe player you're working on tunes, learning music, remember tunes and thinking about new techniques is not at the top of your list.

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Some Information For Electronic Percussionists

Hello Everyone!

I’m happy to announce that a project that I’ve been working on for years is finally a reality! I’ve recently launched the website:

The website was created to facilitate the ability to discover and listen to music scores for percussion utilizing electronics as accompaniment. On the website you will find a large searchable database of works that aims to connect the percussionists with the composers and publishers. (Currently 240 pieces and growing)

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Good Vibes September 2019

Hi Everyone,
Check out September's Good Vibes details on my website,
I may not be celebrating a wedding, but I've included something old ("Black Orchid" by Cal Tjader), something new ("Lucky To Be Me" from David Friedman's newest, Flight), something borrowed (five tunes borrowed from rock hit lists), and something blue ("Samba D'Blue" with Steve Nelson).

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Up Jumped Spring Chord Melody

Here's a chord melody of Up Jumped Spring.

Your job:

1. write the changes in
2. Know the melody by heart
3. Know the chords by heart
4. Add your pedaling
5. Maybe do a bit of Dampening
6. Make this sound good. Listen to the recording. The recording was done with an "Orange Tree" vibe sample on my Malletkat.

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