Virtual Day Of Percussion - The Vibraphone! Feb 10, 2014


On Saturday we will link to all the videos for the second portion of the Day of Percussion on this page. Some players are playing live from 12-2. Others are submitting video which i will link to here.

David Friedman

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Check Out Chien Chien Lu

I taught her in grad school. she never played jazz before grad school.

I told her she'd be a mo fo. Humbly she brushed it off. It's going to happen. Listen to her play this ballad.

Sorry it's on Facebook, couldn't find it anywhere else. Don't think I can embed it.

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Lionel Tribute - Thadeus Tukes

Thadeus Tukes is the vibe player.

I dig him. If you listen you can see he knows how to play through changes pretty good!

I see vibe players who are trying to get the lionel thing and many times I don't think they play that well or don't capture Lionel with any quality. Not sure how good of a job I would do come to think of it :-) and I've done a few tributes.

But something about this guy had me checking him out!

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