Virtual Day Of Percussion - The Vibraphone! Feb 10, 2014


On Saturday we will link to all the videos for the second portion of the Day of Percussion on this page. Some players are playing live from 12-2. Others are submitting video which i will link to here.

David Friedman

Access: Anonymous

Takashi Ooi Quartet

While spending way too much time on YouTube this past month, I discovered this tremendous player by accident. Seriously, anyone looking for an entire evening's variety of great bankable material need look no further; if you look through his many online videos, you'll find a lot of variety between actual jazz compositions and standard tunes. This video is of Monk's tune "I Mean You."

Access: Anonymous

Tristan! Check This Out! Philosophy and a Vibraphone!

This is wild! Shawn is dissing Philosophy with his vibes right next to him!!! I love it!

But I don't understand it! VW member Tristan is a Philosopher and probably gets all this!

I just love to hear all this talk with a vibraphone right next to him!
I have thought a lot about life with my vibes right next to me!

Access: Anonymous