Virtual Day Of Percussion - The Vibraphone! Feb 10, 2014


On Saturday we will link to all the videos for the second portion of the Day of Percussion on this page. Some players are playing live from 12-2. Others are submitting video which i will link to here.

David Friedman

Access: Anonymous

Vibe Hang This Saturday Dec. 8th, 1pm-3pm East Coast US Time - Online Also

This Saturday we’ll have a vibesworkshop vibe hang at my house. If you are a Philly vibe player or you are in the area, feel free to come by. Email me for my address.

It will also (technology permitting) be streaming online as well.

See you there!

Access: Anonymous

Mini Concert - Dec. 15th - WHO'S IN???

If you don't know, A mini concert is when you play 2 or 3 songs without stopping. Record audio or video and then post it. It let's you get the feeling of playing on stage. It has really helped my playing.

So mini concerts Dec. 15th. Who's in????
Don't Post until Dec. 14th in the evening if you can.

If you post video, post it on Youtube or I think Vimeo will work also. Copy the link, go to (on the left) Post > Video > Embedded video and you can figure out the rest. If you need help contact me.

Who's in to contribute to a Mini Concert Dec. 15th???

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