How to Play Vibes Like Oscar Peterson - Blues Language, Double stops, Grace Notes

Hey all, I'm starting a new lesson series with the goal of transferring some pianist language over to the vibes. I am a pianist and a vibraphonist, so a lot of my practicing has been doing just this.

The first is on Oscar Peterson, who is actually, I think, one of the best-suited pianists to adapt to the vibes, and I play with this stuff all the time.

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Competition in music

I’ve been thinking about this a lot since this afternoon’s discussion. Truth in advertising: I’m definitely in the “competition is destructive “ camp in spite of my long association with jazz and its deep tradition of cutting sessions. I’m a real fan of those when they are old-school and about having a lively conversation with everyone speaking their piece. In recent decades I have felt a shift in the energy that is more like something I hated as a youngster.

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This Interests Me

I'm always looking to see and hear how people play in different situations and whether it holds my attnetion.

David Patrios is a great mallet player. Just look how he plays in this duo!

He's on a .... is it a Balifon? Or do I just call it a marimba? I don't know.

But he makes great melodies.

This just reminds me what we need to make music. We don't need 4 mallets going on all the time. For most of us that's a good think. We need strong melodies with chords interspersed!

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