Almost Unbreakable

Due to the Corona problem, I can't get any thin-walled aluminum tube at the moment. Therefore, I have pimped my old and very much used PVC resonance tubes with a new type of flap.

The new flaps are printed from flexible plastic with a hole "too small" by about 0.1 to 0.2 mm. Therefore, they adhere very well to the shaft after sliding on, but can be aligned and positioned as desired.
I also managed to make this solution foldable. Due to the magnetic coupling, the shafts reconnect by themselves after splitting.

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Our Next Pop Up Class - Chi Chi - May 24th

Next pop up class is May 24th 7pm EDT

Ok guys,

next tune is Chi Chi by Charlie Parker.

Memorize the melody and the chords.
Post something here where you play the melody and play the chords. It has to be memorized. And you have to post before the class. :-)
If you don't want to do that, then the pop up class is 25 dollars a session. Get it? Do the work and you get in for free :-).

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Our Pop Up Classes

Just want to say, I can't believe how helpful our pop up classes have been for the people participating in them. I see growth with every final performance we do. We work together for about a month and then we perform. That is 5-10 of us perform the same people one after another. What is cool is to watch the beginning and the end.

I should say I can't believe how hard the players involved with our pop up classes are working on the material! That's what's making the difference.

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