Tampico, Mexico; Drugs, Rootbeer the Omega and Mike Balter

Rootbeer Lozano is one of a few vibe players I know down in Tampico, Mexico.

I met them in Patagonia and watched her school percussion ensemble play a beautiful concert. One of the best of the week! The group is led by Evaristo Aguilar an amazing teacher, percussionist. Their music is so heartfelt!

It's a drug cartel town. We went out to dinner and the first 2 restauraunts we went to were closed. I mean the owners ran away because they were approached by the cartel. Another we drove by had bullet holes all through the front of the building.

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Sunday June 25th there will be a Wine Tasting - House Concert featuring myself and Violinist Diane Monroe.

It will take place at 3pm in the Germantown area of Philadelphia in a nice (environmentally green) house (my house).

Come if you can make it. For more information

Attached is the poster.

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Peter Schlamb's Jenco Vibe

I learn and I learn and I learn.

I thought Jenco's totally sucked. Well I thought they were for students. Randy Suttin is the kind of guy who is way more open to instruments and sounds than me.

So I checked out Peter Schlamb's new CD Tinks. First he's a great solid player. He's the real deal and I'm always looking for the real deals. So I wrote him and thanked him for a great. I asked him what instrument he was using. He said a Junco. I couldn't believe. I love the sound of his vibes on the recording. This was eye opening for me. It makes me want to collect instruments!

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