Interesting MalletStation vs MalletKat Video On Velocity

This is important stuff.

You know I think the Mallet Station might be a decent entry level controller, however as SOON as you get serious, It will not even hang a little bit with the MalletaKat, that's my take so far.

But as an entry keyboard into the world of electronic mallets, I'm sure it's fine. Keep in mind that the Malletkat has a competitive instrument also. Around the same price.

But check this video out.

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A "Must Do" Movement/Exercise for the Vibist

Hi everyone,

In my first post here on, I introduced some "Controlled Articular Rotations" and also some Progressive and Regressive Angular Isometric Loading (Pails/Rails) to address wrist/arm/shoulder passive flexibility and control.

Today we're moving in a slightly different direction. I'm introducing the "Wall Slide" exercise. This is an absolute "must-do" movement to maintain a healthy low/mid back and shoulders.

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Another 92 Year Old Vibe Player

Any of you guys remember Angelo? He played vibes until he was I think 94 or 96. There are some posts on here about him. Pretty amazing.

Here's a 92 year old vibe player! These are inspiring to me because I will have to play and gig till I kick! So! I like to see 92 year old vibe players out there working!

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Don't Know What To Practice?

Here is a list of things on the website, lessons I liked a lot or thought were important. For me it's all of them I guess.

Can any of you guys copy a link of something you thought was interesting and help and put it in the comments? I'll Building on this. This would be especially for new comers to the site or players who don't know what to practice. Pick something from here!

Looking For Something to Study?

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