Here is Another Great Duo CD - Steve Wilson and Lewis Nash

There is a lot to learn from listening to this cd. I think this is an incredible album!

I would love to do a concert with only a drummer. I've jammed with only drummers and have done maybe 1 piece in a concert with only drums.

I love the sound here and the great playing!

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A Cool Duo CD

I love duo CDs especially unconventional ones.

Listen to this one. It's great. Our instrument is as much monophonic as it is polyphonic. To see sax and drums playing a concert here is pretty cool. That means we could really do something great with a drummer as we can play some chords as well!

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Mini Concerts.... Who's In?

So next weekend how about...
Let's do mini concert on vibesworkshop.

April 11th. 2 or 3 tunes on video or audio, you just can't stop in between. Meaning the video or audio is not cut up. Makes us work hard on playing two or three tunes without stopping.

Who's in? Put your name in the comment section.

BTW - We are doing cool stuff on our Facebook VW page.
Every Saturday (Probably for a while), we're have online concerts.
Every Sunday (Probably for a while), we're having and online coffee house meeting with vibe players only!

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