Peter Schlamb's Jenco Vibe

I learn and I learn and I learn.

I thought Jenco's totally sucked. Well I thought they were for students. Randy Suttin is the kind of guy who is way more open to instruments and sounds than me.

So I checked out Peter Schlamb's new CD Tinks. First he's a great solid player. He's the real deal and I'm always looking for the real deals. So I wrote him and thanked him for a great. I asked him what instrument he was using. He said a Junco. I couldn't believe. I love the sound of his vibes on the recording. This was eye opening for me. It makes me want to collect instruments!

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Burton - Times Square

Burton - Times Square

I love this cd. Check out this youtube vid. It's a record! Some of you will probably think it sounds horrible. But I loved and love records. When I hear that sound of the record a little worn I get chills!

This cd I love especially for the vibe sound. It's I think my favorite vibe sound on a recording. And the vibes sound beautiful on Coral!

What do you think? Check out the whole record it's really great!

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Philly 2017 Workshop has Moved :-)

I've decided to move the Philly workshop to my home.

I'm planning a great week from July 10-14 (I can even do something on the 9th If people come in early)

It's really getting impossible to do independent workshops at Universities unless you're bringing in 100 students. The red tape, background checks etc., forms are unbelievable! You need a team of 2 or 3 people to pull all this off.

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Teddy Charles Talks and Plays - Something funny in the Playing Shots

Can you see the funny thing in the shots when Teddy is playing?ëlle/050316
Here's a section on Teddy including David Friedman talking about studying with Teddy.

Teddy quit the business for a long time. He came back towards the end of his life. He seems pretty down in this video.
He quite and did something in the Caribbean with a boat. Giving tours or something like that.

I think he sounds pretty good here.

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Bar Cord for Omega Vibe?

Any recommendations for bar cord for a Omega vibe? Had one snap on me the other night and had to use some musser cord which left several bars with a metallic buzz (also just tried some paracord with the same results! The reason for asking is that Malletech wants $36 plus shipping for a set of cords, which sounds a bit pricey! Especially after having one break on an instrument that's just over a year old. I've never had this problem on any instrument in the past 30 years. So if anyone has any suggestions, I'd really appreciate. Thanks!

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