They Thought About Quiet.

I was in the studio with my Omega (Morningstar Studio). The engineer walked in the room to make sure I had AC for my motor. Why, because he couldn't hear the motor in the mics.

He came in the room and looked at my instrument and saw the wings moving (wings are how Omega does tremolo). He said "OMG your motor is on. I can't hear it in the mics. That made me feel really great about my instrument. He's used to noisy instruments and this is the first time he has heard a very quiet instrument.

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Marimba piece by Behn Gillece "Beija Flor"

Hi all,

I thought I'd share this link. It's a pretty positive review from Percussive Notes of a marimba piece I wrote about two years ago. It was recently published by Marimba Productions Inc. and performed by Gwen Dease at the past PASIC. It's being featured right now at the mostlymarimba website. If you're interested in playing it or know someone who may be, please pass the word along. Here's the link;

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