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Steve Weiss Mallet Workshop


Playing Ballads with a Stride Feel Using Dampening - Lesson

Hello all,

Here's another lesson on dampening, and specifically how it can be used to achieve a certain stride-like feel on vibes. I use this technique when playing solo and with a trio and love its possibilities for different articulations and textures. Watch my lessons on staccato and partial dampening first if you haven't already seen them.

24/8 — African drums played with Burton grip

This is a one-man-band hybrid of Ewe (Ghanaian) percussion and repertoire using 4 sticks, voice, and ankle bells. The concept of 24/8 expands the grid of the bell cycle to achieve high levels of independence and composition.

I've been using the Burton grip to play balafon (see previous lesson posts) and recently developed a way to apply the grip to an array of African drums. When it comes to rhythm and independence, anything is possible.