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Steve Weiss Mallet Workshop


How to Pitch Bend Using Dampening: Monk "bent" notes, blues inflection, and chordal pitch bending

Hey everyone,

I think this is pretty cool. "Pitch bending" is something I've been messing around with on the vibes, especially in a blues context, but also in ballads and really any setting you want. Let me know what you think!

All Things You Are - Chord Etude

Ok, I was going to put the chords in, but I always get mad at myself when I do that. I'm making it easier for you guys and that's not how you get good!

So you put the chords in, put the extensions in and analyze the music and play it.

Can you talk about it? That means you have the harmony memorized.

Look for the hidden triads. I.E. -> a C triad over a Db and the chord is Eb13b9. Do you understand what just happened here? Can you explain it for others?

Do the work and pass it on.