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Steve Weiss Mallet Workshop


ADDED ZOOM LINK - Pop Up Class - I Remember April

This class is for paid subscribers. If you've been thinking about joining vibesworkshop, here is a good opportunity. You get 3 workshops by 3 great vibes players for roughly 20 dollars.

Workshops will be by: Tony Miceli (Feb 15), Behn Gillece (March 1st - 7pm) and Oliver Mayman (March 14, 3pm).

So the next pop up class will be on I Remember April. You have to pass a test to get in the class. First class is February 15th 7pm EST

Etudes Month - Rhythm Changes Etudes by Behn Gillece

Hey all,

The lesson offer is still on but with a small change; complete any two etudes from the blues or rhythm changes etudes I've posted and I will do a free 30 minute lesson. So if you want to do one of the blues etudes and one of the rhythm changes, you can get the lesson. Must be a decent version of each though :)

Hope to see some posts!

Etude 060722 - Can you do this?

Getting your time together can be an enormous amount of work. Well, at least for me it is and I'm still working on it. 

With this etude, you have to play it with your right foot OFF the pedal and tapping on 2 and 4. Not your left foot but your right foot.


I don't write the chords in because I want you guys to print this stuff out and really study it. I feel like I'm handing it to you if I write the chords in. I believe you need to do the active work and try very hard to see how all this is connect.