I Loves You Porgy

Since we're talking about chord melodies I thought I'd play a tune that I love to play. Since it's a ballad I can do a rubato kind of thing and take my time!

Are you working on a tune? Post it here and let me see a chord melody/solo tune from you.

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Quite the grip
Beautiful Porgy!

Nicely done (as usual) Tony. How did you get the access to be "anonymous"?

You run the site :-)!

and Ha ha ha! I took one year to get a comment on this :-). I thought maybe it sucked!!!

I see. Yeah, I guess there should be some perks to running the site. FYI: You've never laid a mallet on the instrument that sucked.

You know how I love this tune, especially played by you. Heavenly.
Sorry I didn't notice it a year ago.

Just my stupid ego. Silly stuff. But I think a lot of the pros on here post something and wonder why nobody says anything. I'm busy and skip over the pros, I imagine they do the same. I want to see what the non pros are up to. That's my interest.

My take on the vibe, bass, drum trio. Bass and drums were generated by band in a box. Not sure how to post this as a separate comment. Used to know how.