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New Solo Vibraphone Piece!!

This is a solo vibe piece Tony Miceli commissioned me to write for him. Let me know what you guys think! These are the program notes I wrote for the piece:

This piece was written in April of 2024 upon commission from Tony Miceli, professor at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While taking private lessons with him, we began experimenting with timbral effects on the vibraphone, and one of my assignments was to write a solo vibraphone piece surrounding this idea. Thus, this piece was born.

Adios Nonino by Astor Piazzolla - arranged and performed by Jerry Weir

Adios Nonino is Astor Piazzolla’s most famous composition. In an interview with Natalio Gorin, Piazzolla stated “The number one piece is Adios Nonino.” “Nonino” was Piazzolla’s name for his father - Vicente Piazzolla. Adios Nonino was written by Piazzolla in one sitting the night he returned to New York and learned that his father had died. Knowing this will give you insight to your performance of this piece.

Tango Final by Astor Piazzolla - arranged and performed by Jerry Weir

Tango Final is a less well-known Piazzolla composition that was used in the French film Famille d’Artistes. For the soundtrack of this 1989 movie, the piece was performed by a trio led by accordionist Richard Galliano. My arrangement of Tango Final is the least challenging of the pieces in this collection but fun to play and very romantico.

Oblivion by Astor Piazzolla - arranged and performed by Jerry Weir

A beautiful piece that has been used many times by figure skaters in the Olympics. It is one of Piazzolla’s most popular and haunting pieces. Piazzolla’s recording with full orchestra is the source for my arrangement. Oblivion should flow gently without becom­ing bogged down. Be expressive and romantic.

Philly Vibe Hang 240107 by Barry K

I don't get to play vibes with other musicians so it was a great opportunity for me to play at the Philly Vibe Hang at Tony's, January 7, 2024. Thanks Tony, for putting this together!     

- From the Start by Laufey      
- O Grande Amor by Jobim      
- Out of Nowhere by Johnny Green     

- Vibes: Barry K  
- Bass: Justin Sekelewski  
- Drums: Dan Monaghan  
- Keys: Joe Veltri