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All By Myself - Vibes Trio

I've been working a lot on vibes trio playing lately due to gigs, and it's fun trying to adapt pianist techniques to the instrument and make the trio sound full. In here, I use some dampening (check out the very end specifically), some sliding, a solo stride section I got from Emmet Cohen (although I'm sure pianists did it earlier than him), and a modulation up a half step. This is Irving Berlin's great tune, "All By Myself."

Just In Time (Maybe we should do a pop up class on it)

I'm working very hard on this tune and thinking about it.

Here's a decent version. I work on trying to have good time and being articulate. I think for the most part I am. At the end of the tune on the tag I don't feel great about it, but I imagine if I didn't say anything nobody would notice. But I notice!

I try to play lines and focus on putting the harmony in the line and then not having to do so much with the accompaniment.

I say let's work on this tune. I'll get Behn and Oliver to post lessons on it also.