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Steve Weiss Mallet Workshop


We Can Learn From The Balafon

I am amazed by Balifon players. I'm amazed how people play solo on different instruments. Here's a guy playing 2 mallets and singing and play melody and harmony. 


I think in many ways simplicity is the way to achieve this. Also remembering that each not helps provide time and the groove. 


What do you think? 

Check this out

This is a video of the Charlie Kunz band featuring Teddy Brown. It's cool to watch just to see teddy. 

But go to 10:22 and watch the vibe player. He dampens with his finger. Why? I think because there was not pedal on the vibraphone. 

That blew me away. Am I right? 

Tribute to Mancini

I'm sure I posted this before and if I looked I'd find it. But I just thought I'd post it again, because Henry Mancini AND Larry Mckenna are truly amazing. 

Larry is a Philadelphia icon. He's 80 something now and that's sad for many reasons. I studied with him in school and have played with him for years and years. He's one of my hero's.