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Fascinating. Go to the YouTube link for more info about the video.





marcmax Wed, 05/04/2022 - 11:59

Thanks for posting! I’ve owned a couple sets of Electravibes and when I lived close to the old factory would always look forward to visiting the shop when Gilberto Serna ran it. He’s tuned my vibe, xylo and bell bars plus electrified multiple sets of vibe bars for me over the years.

rogersvibes Sat, 05/28/2022 - 23:13

What do you all make of the comment at 21:14 that Deagan will not build vibe bars wider than 2 inches due to problems tuning the harmonics? Is this why early Deagan instruments are not graduated? Did they change this practice at some point?


What instruments does this pertain to?

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