TOTM - Flamenco Sketches - Practice Recording

What a great tune Flamenco Sketches is for working on chords and chord melodies. There is no melody so it's all you! I love practicing this tune.

Here is one of my recordings from my practice session. I record and then listen and see how I did. It's not a great recording to me, but I thought I'd post it anyway. It's progress. The time is pretty good I think. That's what I'm most interested in. I didn't drop any beats. There are a couple shaky spots. You can listen for them. I think right now if I walked on stage to do this, this would be an acceptable shot at this in front of people. However, I imagine if I get another week or two on this it will get a lot better. I don't like how I get into the last g minor of the piece. The time is a little funky there.

Where's your version? It doesn't have to be perfect. It can be as simple as you need it to be to pull off decent time. I hope you're working on this. If you really practice the TOTMs (Tunes of the month) then you're getting better and better.

So get up some courage if you need it and post your version here. THE FIRST to post their version (with decent time) gets a free pair or my mallets. (you can't have won anything in the last 3 months)

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However Tristan, I know you're watching. If nobody posts in 5 days from the date of this post, then go ahead and post and get the sticks. You are one of our super achievers! :-)

Haha, thanks Tony! I could use the other pair to go with the pair you sent recently, so I can play four mallets with them.

Working on Flamenco Sketches has got me into "Some Other Time", so maybe I'll try to post a version of both soon.

Here is a medley of Some Other Time and Flamenco Sketches.

great job tristan! i love 'some other time'!

Hello folks, here's my practicing from today. It's a wonderful tune. After all from one of the greatest albums of all time. Thanks for posting and working on this, Tony. Hope you take some time listening to my version. I'm playing on a MalletKAT, just for information.

Best regards to you all.

tristan and victor.

tristan! i'm glad someone beat you. not because i don't like you, but just because i already know how hard you work. we need more people working hard (visibly). you are an inspiration for other players on the site because of your activity. we need more people doing that.

Viktor - you did a great job. of course i heard the bill evan's quotes. did you just play the piece on the malletkat using instrument A? you could always have two vibes set up right? and flip back and forth. ok, great job!

email me your address i'll send you a pair of mallets. it can take a while for me to do this (ask tristan). my email is you did a really nice version.

@tristan - you should post one also.... even though..... (i'm sure you understand)

Thanks for listening, Tony. Indeed I played with only 1 instrument on the MalletKAT. In general, i have the possibility to change back and forth from the 1st to a 2nd instrument. I also have the Kurzweil sounds inside, but I can't say i'm very happy about their sounds. I'm connecting my KAT to my computer to use some effects like reverb, EQ, etc.

Actually i had my little Arturia 2 octaves midi keyboard connected in front (I'm currently working on a setup with a keyboard + the KAT), but on this version i didn't feel the moment to use it.

david, i want to hear you play this :-)

Here's a recent effort at Flamenco Sketches during a rehearsal session for an upcoming gig. My group, The Brooklyn Jazz Collective, has performed this song a few times in the recent years. This is one time I've done a solo version, albeit brief.

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thanks michael for posting! 2 mallets right? that makes it a little trickier i think. your version was a little looser than mine which is cool! and your instrument sounded really nice also. musser?

Yep, two mallets can be tricky in a solo situation, but I thought I'd give a shot. By the way, it's a Yamaha, which I use more now than my vintage Deagan.