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Steve Weiss Mallet Workshop


ADDED ZOOM LINK - Pop Up Class - I Remember April

This class is for paid subscribers. If you've been thinking about joining vibesworkshop, here is a good opportunity. You get 3 workshops by 3 great vibes players for roughly 20 dollars.

Workshops will be by: Tony Miceli (Feb 15), Behn Gillece (March 1st - 7pm) and Oliver Mayman (March 14, 3pm).

So the next pop up class will be on I Remember April. You have to pass a test to get in the class. First class is February 15th 7pm EST

Surfer Rock + Vibes

Every now and then, we talk about the use of vibes outside the context of jazz.

I just became aware yesterday that this track, which includes the first recorded tracks I did with Miss Magnolia (my Deagan Imperial), was released a few years ago.  They had asked for a “vintage sound”, so my thought was to go with her, some old Albright mallets, and a pair of tube based mics.     

I want to do more of this.  :)

38 Note technique

I was talking with Becky a few days ago and our conversation turned to practice technique.   I have talked about my 37 and 38 note practice routine, but never really documented it, so I thought this would be a good opportunity, just in case anyone was interested.