Christos is a Funny Guy!

Here's a funny out take from the video session Christos did at my house. He's not only a great player but he's a funny guy also!

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More out takes please!! :o) And by the way, I think all teachers should do that kind of intro with that little melody before the lesson! Go Christos!! :o)

Christos is the man.

I love it.....hahaha

Tony is one of the most funny guy I met.
This one seems to be on the list as well.
That 's sooooo cool that those great players who take the music so seriously don't take themselves too seriously.
Fresh air.

All well put Patrice! Amen!! :o)

i agree. christos is really cool funny guy! and a great player. and very passionate like the other greek guy on the site!

this is so funnyy....