Yellowbird performed by " Vibra Cubana" a homage to the great Hawaiian Vibraphonist Arthur Lyman

Aloha, This February I had the opportunity to play in Honolulu, HI. While i was there i was exposed to the great vibist Arthur Lyman. We also were very fortunate to meet and talk to his drummer Harold Chang, whom was his drummer for 30 years. " Yellowbird" is one of the songs that Arthur would play solo and with his Quartet ... very fun tune to play and the Second Chord is distinctively Hawaiian..

While we were there I worked with an amazing middle school percussion ensemble from " Nui Valley Middle School" directed by Zachary Morita .. this kids blew me away ...

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Fun stuff, Thomas.

Here are some videos of Arthur Lyman playing live.

Now for some bird calls... ;-)

Thanks for posting.