Speaking of Beautiful Solos

A great Mainieri Solo!

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Yeah! :o)

yeah, i have seen this video so many times and i still want to see it more and more.

and i liked this one :

the sound is not spectacular, but i liked the solos !

mainieri off course (with a twist), but also the guitarist, and sax and drums ! ;o)

I remember seing the guitarist with mainieri in paris couple of years ago, and he seemed also from another dimension.

like punk-jazz : trashing the end of mainieri solo (not playing the cue),and then playing super out with attitude, kind of loved it

hope you enjoy like me the video.

Am listening to this older "Steps Ahead" video from the early 80s. Brilliant playing from everyone. The music world misses Michael Brecker, that is for sure. :(

yes allyman that's an amazing video! what a group!