David Friedman's Announcement! (Joins Malletech!)

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I think it's great everything that Malletech is doing for the instrument. And now with Gary retired, they have just about every major voice on the instrument as an endorser. One would think this would encourage Yamaha, Musser, and other companies to make some changes to their products in order to compete. However, I was thinking that the reason these companies have been so reluctant to change is not primarily due to lack of innovative competitors. The real reason is that their primary market is not with individual artists or performers, but rather with large institutions (universities, orchestras, marching bands, etc.). It seems to me, then, that Malletech may well take over the market with individual artists and performers, while Musser et al. go on producing standardized instruments for the larger markets. I don't know whether this would be a good development or not. It seems like it would maintain the status quo, while Malletech would cater to the niche market that is individual vibraphone performers, sort of like a more affordable and local version of Vanderplas. What do you all think?

I've worked with both of these companies. Joe and Stefan have also worked with many other companies as well as David.

There is not other company that has worked with artists as closely as Malletech. Remember we all left these other companies for a reason. If malletech started screwing up we would leave them also. i could never recommend an instrument to someone if i didn't totally believe in the instrument.

But yes I agree, let's hope the other guys get competitive. We need that. We need competition.