David Friedman's First CD. It's Beautiful and Interesting

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Excellent music.
I became a David Friedman fan when I heard him on the Hubert Laws Album "Rite of Spring".

This was one of my favorite albums from that period - I still have it on vinyl. I listened to - and played along with - David's recording of the Bach Saraband on that album. Even though I was taking lessons with him around that time I got a different kind of vision of touch and clarity from listening to it repeatedly on the album. Three musicians - Dave, David, and Harvie were a legendary combination to me. I just pulled out the album from the cabinet so you know what I'll be listening to tonight!


By the way, the very first piece on the record, "Nyack" is the very first composition for vibraphone and marimba duo. When Samuels and I decided to to play duo together, after several unsuccessful attempts with two vibraphones, I wrote "Nyack for our first experiment with vibes and marimba. At the time Samuels was still living in Boston and he came down especially to try out this very new combination. We had our first rehearsal at Manhattan School of Music. We were both enthusiastic about the results and decided to continue with original compositions and selected pieces by other musician friends and colleagues, such as Harvie S., Pat Metheny, Dave Liebman, Andy Laverne, Ralph Towner, Tom Pierson, etc.