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Steve Weiss Mallet Workshop


This is a showcase section. Prepare something and then upload it here.

Team Omega CD Project

So if all goes as planned we're doing a CD of solo vibes with Team Omega. That's Me, Warren Wolf, David Friedman, Joe Locke and Stefon Harris. We are recording in August. I say if all goes as planned because with those cats, everything can change. They are busy people. But it's looking good. 

I picked two tunes, The Song Is You and Stairway To The Stars. 

Solo Recordings: You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You & Somewhere

Like most people, I imagine, I have been working a lot on my solo vibraphone playing. I also finally got some decent recording equipment. This is my first attempt to test it out and hone my arrangements of these two great tunes. Feedback on both my playing and audio appreciated.

Transcription - Chet Baker and Tony Miceli´s Solos in Autumn Leaves

Hola a todos.

Comparto el audio de la transcripción que estuve realizando sobre un solo de Chet Baker (las primeras dos vueltas) y un solo de Tony que está en la ultima vuelta.
La tonalidad es Sol menor, pero cada coro tiene 6 compáses más (de G-6) al fina. Esto se debe a que en la grabación de Chet Baker hicieron esa variación en la forma.

Tomás, desde Argentina

New Recordings

These are three studio recordings I did just before the end of 2020 with a group I've been playing with for two years now. The group is led by Tyler Miles, a promising bassist in the Sacramento area and student at Sac State. Rounding out the group are Mackenzie McCarthy on tenor saxophone, Zach Martin on guitar, Gabe Carpenter on drums, and myself on vibes.