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Steve Weiss Mallet Workshop


This is a showcase section. Prepare something and then upload it here.

Have You Met Miss Jones ... vibes and vocals

Once through the Intro and melody on vibes, then vocals with iReal running. This is pretty much the way our old folks band, the Second Winds, usually plays, first the melody, then vocals, then various instruments taking a ride on the melody. The timing glitches and other glitches are evident in the vibes section. Listening to yourself in recording makes sense, but can be painful. The lyrics have been greatly changed, apologies to Lorenz Hart. The original lyrics may have made more sense in the context of the Broadway play where this music first appeared.

Who's Funny Valentine! For Our Vibes Bootcamp This Weekend (May 16-17)

This weekend is our VW Bootcamp.

David is working in his class on the My Funny Valentine. He put up a version and so did Hauke so I wanted to do one as well.

I have not played the tune in a long time but I thought I could bang it out. I couldn't. I had to remember the parts and assemble it again. Hence my comment in the beginning, which I decided to leave in.

Don't any of us who record have comments like this or worse on some of our recordings?