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Who inspires you? Why? Talk about the 'cats'

Forum Topic: Espanglish!!

Me llamo Pauline Roberts, soy Argentina, y estoy muy emocionada de ser parte de esta comunidad!! Thanks for having me as a part of the community!
En vistas de que estamos a una semana de un curso de Tony para Sudamericanxs e Hispanoahblantes, queria saber quienes mas en este sitio hablan Castellano/Espanol.

Besotes, cuidense eh


Forum Topic: Roy Ayers ... WTF!

Ok, just had to post this. I know, it's been way tooo long we've talked Tony!!

My girlfriend bought me a ticket to see a Roy Ayers concert last Sunday. I haven't listened much of his stuff, but I knew he could play... but what happened. He was terrible!! And when I say terrible really terrible. It was like he totally forgot how to play, but still pretented everything was fine...

It was at the Keystone korner

Anyway, does anyone have an idea what happened to him, because it really looks like he shouldn't be on stage anymore and that someone should tell him that.


Forum Topic: Vibraphonists in Iceland

Does anyone here know of any vibraphonists in Iceland? I may be going there for a couple weeks this summer, and I'm always down to meet players from abroad. I would be even more down to get a lesson! But Iceland is a pretty small place -- not much room for an already relatively obscure instrument. Also they would have to speak English because I don't know a word of Icelandic.

But if you think of anyone, let me know!



Forum Topic: Jason Adasiewicz

Has anyone heard Jason Adasiewicz's trios new cd, "From the Region"

I studied with Jason in Chicago for a year or two in highschool. I know he is not a conventional Vibes player but I think it is his "punk" attitude towards his music and the instrument that is why his album has been getting as much attention as it has. Here is a good interview/review of his work!…


Forum Topic: What is making this sound?

So I was checking out some Joe Locke videos online and realized that I don't know what makes his tone sound so different than vibes that I am used to hearing. I originally thought that it was because he uses pickups, but it's not the case, because he obviously isn't in this video. The instrument is a Musser, but maybe the bars are Vanderplas? I don't think it could be due to mallets alone. Do you guys even know the tone that I am talking about? I don't know how to describe those sorts of things with words. I am actually not a huge fan of it, although I obviously think his playing is amazing.