bobby hutcherson mallet

Does anybody knows witch mallet play Bobby Hutcherson nowadays? I really love the round sound they have.
He used to play the violet Musser mallet but I sow he has some new mallets.

have you any video link reference to see the mallets, giovani?

While also violet, Bobby appears to be using mallets that are not the Musser Good Vibes model in this video:

Not sure if those are the ones Giovanni had in mind.

hi roger thnaks for the link
this mallets are a musser good vibes manieri model ( the yellow yarn) around 1 26 minute apears the model into the rattan ( a little bit on the image)
i think this are rewrapedd from bobby , probably

those are the mallets thati was thinking about. they have such a great sound. i Thing they could me an old Mike mineiri model that has been remade by bobby himself!!

The mallets I saw in the video were purple, not yellow. The Good Vibes Mallets had stitching around the mallet. I didn't see any on these. Also, Mike Mainieri mallets were usually pink or fuchsia in color. I have two pairs of his Vic Firth Signature mallets. He plays Malletech now.