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Who inspires you? Why? Talk about the 'cats'

Forum Topic: Chuck Redd and Two Mallet Playing

I just wanted to post something for us two mallet folks:) It's about Chuck Redd, who I think is a terrific vibraphonist and drummer. He played for years with Barney Kessel, Herb Ellis, Charlie Byrd, and many others. I had the pleasure of speaking with him on the phone yesterday for about an hour, and among other things, shared some of his memories of Milt Jackson. Based on my email and phone interactions with him, I have to say I think Chuck is a first class guy all the way.


Forum Topic: Full Length MP3s of some Standards by Susan Pascal

Need some inspiration? A vibes player in the Seattle area, Susan Pascal, has some full length recordings (Mp3) on her site. Well worth a listen.

Cubano Chant
Emily -- I especially like this one
Have you Met Miss Jones?
The Peacocks


Forum Topic: Who is playing Vibes on the West Coast

Ive been thinking about this alot in the last months of who are the guys or gals on the west coast that active vibraphonist both as performers and teachers. AFter making calls to the Bay area, reguarding gigs for 2014 i came away from many of the conversations that there are not many vibe players that are playing, recording or teaching actively in those areas. The northwest has quite a few cats .. Ben Thomas, Susan Pascal, Mike Horsfall. but wat about california,the LA scene .. who is out there. Bobby Hutcherson is the only cat that i know of that is in the bay area.


Forum Topic: Gary Burton Bootleg channel - seen this??

Hi all,

Has anyone seen this Gary Burton Bootleg channel on Youtube? (Has Gary seen it?)

Wow! There are many live recordings from concerts in the mid-70's. All the great material from that era - with the Metheny 4tet and the Metheny-Goodrick 5tet. Check this out folks: what a schooling to hear these! Everyone sounds incredible...Gary & crew delivering amazing tunes night after night, and totally smoking!

There's also a video of Falling Grace with Chick in 1976, right around the time of Crystal Silence.


Forum Topic: the psychology behind performing

Hi folks,

So I just spent the day in Dayton at the Ohio PAS Day of Percussion. Lots of great stuff going on, with the cherry on top being Rusty playing at a hip little pizza joint with a killer quartet!

After getting to watch guys like Rusty, Michael Burritt, Bob Becker and others perform I was blown away by the individual stage presence all of these guys had. While driving home I was thinking about this; now I'm beginning to become obsessed with the psychology of performing music.