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Who inspires you? Why? Talk about the 'cats'

Forum Topic: Chris Dingman

Was speaking with the great saxophonist Dave Binney ( last night who played at our Jazz Club and we got talking about vibes and vibe players and how the vibes are now being played by some great young cats, and Dave commented on how many young players are now appearing on the jazz scene. One such player that David mentioned whom I have never heard of until last night is Chris Dingman, I have never seen him on the site either,Tony/Marie? Anyway I had a listen to some of his stuff and its very interesting, so if anyone can add to this or knows him please share it here.


Forum Topic: Stella By Starlight by Ed (Ed Saindon forever!!)

hi vibes comunity
I do not know if you see that
but I found this vido yesterday
it is incredible please see the AMAZING SOLO AND COMPING OF ED!!
this kind of things make me go to my vibes to study more and more and more.....

ed you make me happy today!


Forum Topic: I want to be a cheyenne or cherokee, or a member of the joe locke tribu!

hi people I´m not sure if the people see this but it is incredible!!
I would like to be from the same indian tribu where our dear joe locke was! (jejejeje)

incredible solo and relaxing feel, joe! a pleasure!!


Forum Topic: Latin Guys?

I'm listening to Stefon Harris' new album that he did with some guys down in Cuba. It's a cool album, called Ninety Miles. But, I think I need a lot more history behind latin music to appreciate it.
Can anybody suggest some guys who were a real part of the history of latin music. some of the really early guys would be great. thanks


Forum Topic: The vibraphone - A great toy!


I've been chatting whith Marie recently and I had to promise her to put some pics of my little son playing vibes on the site. He and his mother are using my vibes in two ways: as table for baby clothing and other (leightweight) stuff and also just as a big fine sounding toy. Yea and the vibes' frame helps my son with learing to stand up and walk.
So if you ever consider acquiring a set of vibes have the manyfold purposes for kids in mind!

Cheers Stefan

P.S. Tony can you telle me how to add the pics to the post please?