Jean-Baptiste Bocle "Ronan"_Gildas Bocle Trio +Uilleann Pipes

Hi , one more piece from a recent gig in France ,
we had Loic Blejan join the trio with his Uilleann pipes..

I like what you're doing here, and you really appear to have quite a sizeable investment in equipment. I was very impressed in the manner that you took over the bass on the organ during the arco bass solo. I can't tell if the organ is a Hammond XK-3 double-manual from the camera angle; it looks like one.

Keep posting!!

Thanks John , the bass player is my brother Gildas and yes , he likes to have bass behind
is arco solos so I try to oblige with my somewhat limited organ chops.the Hammond is the fairly
recent SK-2 ... it's a really good axe and also... it's only 35 pounds ...every little bit helps.

man im digin this ..this really struck me with the pipe playing with the melody .. made the scottish in me jump out .. totally hip .. love the arrangement and harmony ..well written


Thanks mr Mackay...I also am very partial to the pipes , I'm originally from Brittany ,
the north western region of France where the folk music is Celtic as well , so drones and pipes
always get me too...My brother Gildas (on Bass) composed this piece.

I love the groove, and all the sounds used to speak the language... and tell a nice story! From old original instrument, to vibes and modified bowed d-bass! Beautiful! :o)

Thanks Marie-Noelle...yes ,it is an unusual combination.
it looks like we will play here in NYC at the end of January 2013 (different drummer though)..I'll post the exact date soon.