America The Beautiful

I tried to arrange a darker version of America the Beautiful for all the obvious reasons.

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Beautiful arrangement of a song that doesn't need to be sung.

i think it's a nice anthem type song. and there are some really nice arrangements of it. i love the whitney houston with the orchestra.

My wife walked in while I was playing this and she was just blown away. Great performance and arrangement.

that's great! thanks!

Thanks for recording/posting Tony. Seems like it's rare these days where someone can be thoughtful, maybe pensive, but respectful and hopeful all at the same time. No screaming protest, no name calling, just music. Dang I love music...

thanks Indiana!

This arrangement, and the whole record, are just fantastic. My kids say they "hate listening to jazz", but they ask for this in the car. Thanks for your artistry.

ha ha ha. i'm glad your kids like the cd!!!!