Who Lives Near Dallas?

Anyone near Dallas interested in a mini workshop early February?
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I'm going to be in Dallas in early February. Also Dana is from Dallas, so thought about seeing if anyone near there would be interested in a mini workshop and then an online vibe hang. We're thinking of the 10th or 11th of Febrruary.

I'm thinking maybe we charge 75 bucks a person, and we'll spend the day working on stuff. I'd do a workshop on my stuff on the site, Dana would do a workshop on all the Lating stuff he posts on the site. If a few guys were interested then we'd get a bass player and jam a little and then do an online concert that night. We'd do this in Dana's home. He has a few sets of vibes and marimba.

If you're seriously interested contact me at tony@tonymiceli.com

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I live pretty close to Dallas

-Joe Doubleday


luckiest guy on the site

Tony Miceli
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