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Don't Know What To Practice?

Here is a list of things on the website, lessons I liked a lot or thought were important. For me it's all of them I guess.

Can any of you guys copy a link of something you thought was interesting and help and put it in the comments? I'll Building on this. This would be especially for new comers to the site or players who don't know what to practice. Pick something from here!

Looking For Something to Study?

More lessons and etudes to come!

Hi all,

Really looking forward to this bebop course! Tony and I have been talking about doing something like this for awhile and I'm glad we're doing it.

Mondays will be the main day for postings. Check out the lessons Tony put up, they're great and it looks like some people are posting already, which is awesome!

I will put up more on Wednesday. Hope you're all into it!


Marosa Jazz Project (New release!) - Isra sempre vai a latin by Israel Arranz

Hello to everybody:
I am very glad to present you the new CD of the MAROSA JAZZ PROJECT (latin-jazz group from Galicia, Spain), which I have the honour to led. This is one of the album´s songs called "Isra sempre vai a latin" ("Isra always goes latin"). I hope you like it! Have a good day and... Enjoy it!

Israel Arranz

SONG: Isra sempre vai a latin (by Israel Arranz)
ALBUM: Lémbrame

Dec 20, 12pm UTC -5, ONLINE PRO Vibe Hang - Miceli, Gillece, Sutin, Smith



A very special hang this Sunday at 12 noon. Unlike the other vibe hangs, this is a pro hang. I picked 4 great vibe players and asked them to come and play for about 30 minutes. So it's a little more like a sort of concert.

This week will be myself, Behn Gillece, Anthony Smith and Randy Sutin.

It's online so you can watch at home. If you are in the Philly area and want to come buy, just let me know in advance.

Nov. 4 How to play in a Trio Setting. Online Workshop 10:30pm (22:30) East Coast USA Time (New York Time)


Nov. 4 How to play in a Trio Setting. Online Workshop 10:30pm (22:30) East Coast USA Time (New York Time)

I'll with bass and guitar tonight talking about playing in a trio and comping with another chord player.


Jean-Baptiste Boclé_Gigs in Ireland Nov 12 & 13

Hi, I will be Playing Vibes & Mallet Kat for some gigs
in Ireland Nov 12 & 13 with the Bocle Bros.Keltic project,
Anybody in Ireland please drop by, thanks!

Thursday 12th November in Dublin at the City Assembly House, Sth William St,
Doors 7.30pm

Friday November 13th at William Kennedy Piping festival in Armagh,8pm.

We play original music with a 4tet Vibes/Kat/Organ_Uillean Pipes_Upright Bass_Drums
we'll have a second piper from Galicia (Spain), Anxo Lorenzo on the 13th.


Hey Everyone,
Do you remember me badgering you for your birth years so I could include your names chronologically in a "poem"? Well, the book in which that will be published is ready for printing. It's called Free Verse and Photos in the Key of Jazz. There are 36 verses and all but one is made up of only jazz song titles, the shortest with four and the longest, "My Little Brown Book," with 73! The verse "Vibraphonissimo," breaks the mold as a list of 104 vibes players resting upon the two who pioneered the instrument.