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I'm going to be in New York City from Sept 19 thru 23, tagging along with my wife who is traveling for work. I'd love to catch some live jazz while I'm there.

Any VW members gigging in NYC in that timeframe? Barring that, does anyone have any recommendations in terms of clubs that I might hit and catch a good set? Living in little Sheboygan, Wisconsin I don't often have the opportunity to hear live jazz music so I want to make the most of my time out in the real world.



tombeckham Wed, 09/16/2009 - 00:07

I'll be playing with Jody Redhage's and Fire in July at a place called Monkeytown in Williamsburg. It's not jazz, per se, but it is really good original music led by a cellist/vocalist. Show is at 8pm and it is a restaurant/performance space with circular seating, etc.

Also I believe Behn Gilece plays at a Smalls late set during the week, plus, the band Waitiki 7 all the way from Hawaii, will be at a club called Drom (Andromeda) on Tuesday the 22nd at 7pm. These guys are known to play all the Martin Denny, vibes-soaked, 'tiki' tunes circa 1958. have fun in the apple/ tb