Mike Balter Swinging On a Table

Here's a clip from when I was at Mike's factory. I thought I posted this here but I can't find it.

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I wonder who first thought of using brushes on a drum? When I was a kid I had a "Music Minus One" record for brushes. It came with a set of brushes and there was round piece of cardboard on the back to play on. I thought it was really cool. I'd be swinging, watching Gilligan's Island and thinking about Maryann all at the same time.

Bob Wesner

my dad had that album. that's one of the things that got me into music. seeing him with the brushes and the cardboard and the record.

oh my god, i can't believe you brought that up. you just uncovered a lot for me. i can see our old living room, the stereo, the couch, the chair he practiced on. i can see out front of the house, the neighbors house across the street and up a little incline. you just made me see my whole house from when i was 10. now that was fun.

that's why i think music is so powerful. no words no visions, but it unleashes your memories.

Tony Miceli
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man he's such a great guy. every time i get off the phone with him i feel better!