Whiter Shade Of Pale

An excerpt from The Jost Project Trio.

I love this song!

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open for discussion.

no one has said anything? you think it's lame? corny?

to be honest, i love this group and love playing this music. but it doesn't mean you have to like it! and this is a place to discuss all this.

behn prob doesn't like it, he's a bebop nazi (JUST KIDDING BEHN) behn is da man!

i see he's online.

Well I've always thought that your playing is amazing, but for some reason this one didn't strike a chord with me. I think I still have yet to open my ears to vocals with vibes. Still sounds stark to me. But I think it's cool that you are always pushing the boundaries of the types of music the vibes are played in.

On the other hand, I can't stop listening to your video of Ceora. Really nice.


sure, i get all that. that's great of you to speak up. are you young? did you recognize the tune.

so you don't like vibes and songwriters in general? or this version in particular?

I'm always curious when something strikes a chord with someone, or when it doesn't.

and it's always interest when something i really love and then someone else has a whole different opinion. nobody is right in this instance, you know? it's about taste and what gets through to you!

thanks for speaking up.

Just turned a quarter of a century earlier this week.

I definitely did not recognize the tune. I think that always helps a lot in appreciating something. It's as if the music is easier to grasp because the brain already has something to directly compare it to.

I can't say that I've listened to much music with vibes and vocals, but any time I have heard it, it's hard for me to adjust to -- at least in the case when the vibes are the only chordal instrument. I've also heard some classical music for marimba and voice, and felt the same way.

It is certainly interesting how much tastes can differ. I had a conversation with friends recently about whether or not there is such thing as good music or bad music. In my opinion, there is. Interestingly, I would consider your video to be good music, but just not my thing.

It's totally my pleasure to give my two cents, and I think it's pretty rad that you pushed for feedback. It's so refreshing to come across truly humble folk.


Gee, Mac - just turned 25. If I only knew then what I know now.

I'm not wild about this either, but that could be because the modal nature of the song makes this sound forced to my ears. But that can be the nature of taking a jazz approach to oldies as compared to standards. But on the other hand, I love Tony's arrangement of "Nature's Way" by Spirit on the Meg & the Cliftones CD and actually prefer Tony's version to the original. Maybe it's because the chord progression is more defined and lends itself to a jazz interpretation.

At the same time, I was just perusing YouTube and found some Jost Project arrangements I really liked, including the Beatles tune and the Led Zeppelin. So what do I know?

yeah no such thing as good or bad music! unfortunately! because that would make things simple.

but it is strange, i love this arrangement of this tune. so it's interesting to see others who are not crazy about it. this is life! and it's ok, you know?

the thing that i like that doesn't happen enough here is the discussion.

I think the main point is that this trio is bringing something new to the table, and that takes courage. And of course some things are going to hit and other things are going to be perceived as a miss (matter of taste and preference). To me, that is less important than seeing this trio choose to put something out there that people haven't heard before, and editing it into something that has commercial potential.

Wait, saw this and had to jump in here Tony...

In my view, there is ONLY good or bad music!! I strongly believe in this idea. Even Duke is famous for saying it. To me it means that any jazz guy who disses country music cause it only has 3 chords has no idea what they are talking about. Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson are as heavy as Charlie Parker, any day. Even in an objective way, you can perhaps make this argument from how original and influential they are, or just by how much they can communicate through their music.

Taste is another matter. It is certainly possible to not like GOOD music, or love BAD music. We see this every day, especially in pop. There is a lot of terrible pop music. But there is also terrible concert music, and jazz, IMHO.

What makes music good or bad is sometimes hard to define. But I still believe that there are really only 2 kinds of music. Stylistic categories are primarily artificial. When I meet someone who tells me they dislike a particular style of music, I just feel sorry for them, and for our culture in general.

One thing that makes music good, other than performance basics like excellent time and intonation, can be pushing boundaries and making you think... doing something different. The Jost Project does that, so bravo man!!

And i quite like the approach you have on it you guys. Corny ? Sure not. Who said that ?
This song is great and your rendition as well ...
I want to listen the whole thing now ...


IMHO... Everything is there, but I think if the vocals were mic'd close and mixed it would have been amazing. His low volume attacks are not being heard and that's why it doesn't feel as warm as it could to my ears. -- Think Getz and Burton...


we just recorded in stereo. no fancy micing. you are right though, i wish we did more close micing.