New Late Night Mallets Designed by Myself and Leigh Stevens!

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Congrats on the new mallet launch!

I just ordered a set!!! I can not play late at night!

Which version did you show, LN1R or LN2R?
Where can I get those in Europe and at what price?

I think, the combination of your late nite mallets and my vibe beach towels would be the ultmate summer travel toy for all vibe players. :)

I would like to know, how your mallets sound on my towles layed on a table as substitute vibraphone.

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Great for traveling! Is it available?

I answer you in my Summer-Toy post, as I do not want to kidnap Tony's mallet post.

Now I have a way to practice a little bit while I’m down in key west. Thanks again!

I've just ordered a set. Looking forward to playing between diaper changes!

i think and hope that these mallets were made for you!

so you guys had the baby? congratulations!!!

Yup, June 14th! Thanks :)

The mallets arrive on Monday, so I'll let you know how they work.

I got the mallets yesterday and they work great so far, although I'm a little concerned about the yarn wearing out quickly. Also, what is meant by "slurring articulation"?

i think it's classical talk. i don't know what it means. it's leigh's words and he's not a jazzer.

i hope the yarn lasts! let me know if there's a problem.

How about tying a little piece of knit fabric over the mallet head (like David in Berkeley showed us last weekend at your workshop? ) But not so it looks like a tiny T-shirt :)

....or is it?
Supposed to be a funny.
Great idea! Congrats.

Here's a nice plug for the new mallets: you can practice while your newborn baby sleeps!

Maybe a little hard on the back...

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Not easy on the back, nope! :) Cool though! That's some important multitasking...