Minority! Pretty Cool Playing IMHO

What do you think? I think this is a very interesting solo!!!

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I have to let this load so I'm only a few measures into it and it already speaks to me. Authentic!

Love JAKE!

He is good at other styles too.
One of them : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZWU-SBPf70

that's great also! this guy is on his way. i was talking with joe locke and there are a ton of young players playing there butts off! that's great for the instrument right?

I agree 100%. Last year I went to Marciac Jazz Festival here in France. There was hundreds of young musicians hanging up there, many of them already virtuosos on their instruments (3 of them vibists !). All jazz spectrum was represented. It was almost frightening to see how many they were (from a lot of countries), how the market will absorb them ? Anyway they put the standard of playing very high, it makes music even more interesting.