I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face

Is it her face or your face? Politically correct I guess is her.

Did I post this already?

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I think you did, but I enjoyed it a second time! I was playing this tune on the piano tonight. Maybe I'll try a solo version and post it.

Beautifully played and sensitively interpreted.

ahhh thank you!

I didn't quite agree with a comment that Gary Burton made a while back; something like "the vibraphone is a keyboard instrument". Tony your playing is beautiful on this.It sounds to me you are consciously, or subconsciously using the mallets to pull the sound out of the bars. It's amazing to me how the chords are darker and more subtle and the lines sound so clear. Sure it's a keyboard, but it's the mallets and the percussion that makes this tune sing.

i totally agree. In my mind (which is only my mind) I think we approach things funny on this instrument. A trumpet player doesn't think he's a sax player. I get learning from all these instruments and I get why people think it's a piano, or in my case even a guitar. However, now that you bring it up, I might argue we forget it's a percussion instrument.

and isn't that funny, a piano is also a percussion instrument, but percussionists don't learn piano. So I get it, I see how people think and how I think. Some is similar some is quite differently.

And I also think everyone should think about the instrument however they want. This is just my opinion! I'm glad we have a place where we can voice our opinions! Students can read, think and learn and make up their own minds how they will think of the instrument. Nobody has manual on how to think of the instrument.

I just watched a bunch of guys play vibes at the WVC and there were many approaches to playing the instrument.

I find myself on the vibraphone-as-emulating-piano side of this issue. So much so that I was playing the piano the other night thinking "maybe I'm really a piano player?" What initially drew me to the vibraphone was its harmonic advantages over the guitar (my original instrument). It seems like if you follow this logic, one should just play the piano, the ultimate harmonic instrument.

Of course, my piano skills leave much to be desired. I know guys like Gary and Ed Saindon are pretty good piano players. What about others? Do you find it helps your vibe playing? What should one be able to do on the piano to be functional?

every great musician can play piano at an ok to great level. that's because that's where we study harmony and work things out.

i love the vibes because it's not a piano, we do less but try to make the harmony work. and that's what is cool. i believe we leave more for the listener to work on in their brains as we are playing. that's what i think a rootless voicing is. a chord that implies things because of context and that demands the listener to be in that same context. i think that's totally cool and exciting and that is why i like the vibes more than piano. guitar is the same to me.

now i wish i was a smoking piano play and gigging on piano, because i'd have a lot more gigs. although many might stink. so maybe i'm in the right place!

The only thing that tastes like chicken, is chicken :)

Here's a version I've been working on this week.

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tristan! you sound great! you teach philosophy, you're married, have a baby and you still find time to get better! You must be pretty smart!!

cool voicings! Is this written out? or just figured out? or you made it up on the spot? regardless I love it!

Thanks! I'm sure I would be better at each of those things if I had a more singular focus. But what can I say?

As for the arrangement, I usually work these things out over a few days after I have learned a tune, sometimes on the piano. After I have the changes, voicings, and counter-lines worked out, I practice playing it and usually simplify things that are too difficult to execute and improvise around the basic arrangement. Finally, I write it out and usually change some things again as a result of seeing it on the screen.

I attached this one here. I got a lot from listening to your version.