December 2018 Mini Concert

I'm playing I Love's You Porgy and Falling Grace.

I love doing mini concerts because of the challenge of playing 2 or 3 tunes without stopping.

No matter what level you are at, try doing this. Even if it's just the melody to two tunes. It's great practice!

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I love the voice leading and the playing is amazing. Beautiful

thank you :-)

Thank you, Tony, for the inspiration, command, and skill you bring to the instrument! Time for me to go play those two classic tunes with a whole new perspective.

the site is for us all to post, learn and teach and inspire each other.

Very few are able to play soloing with such a confidence and accuracy. Even among the stars of the moment. Great lesson.

As you say, we learn from each others, but you are the one who has plenty to teach !