Danny Boy - Ed Saindon Solo Vibraphone

Hey guys, I just recorded this at home. I was inspired by David's brilliant version that he recorded on the Omega by Malletech. I thought it sounded gorgeous. I'm playing it here in Bb. I like how the melody plays out in that key. I wrote out a lead sheet with some possible harmonic variations that I was experimenting with in this version. The lead sheet can be viewed and downloaded from googledocs. The link is on the YT clip's description. Also, please check out the classic versions from Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett if you haven't already done so. Ed

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Lovely Ed. Great feel and interesting harmonic choices. Bravo!

Thanks David. It's such a great song. Not a bad try in spite of being French Canadian. :)

Wait, you are, or the song is? I thought the song was either English or Irish, and that you were American.

This is relevant to me!


Hi Mackenzie, No, I'm French Canadian. I was looking up the history of the song and it was interesting to read that the song is considered to be an unofficial anthem particularly by Irish Americans and Irish Canadians. I didn't know that. So, I guess it's not a total stretch for me. Ha!Ha! Kidding aside, Danny Boy is one of those songs that can bring tears to people's eyes (including mine). Ed

Mackenzie, me again. I wanted to clarify that yes I was born in the U.S. but my grandparents were from Canada. I grew up in a town called Lawrence located about 25 miles north of Boston. Back when I was a kid, the entire Parish community consisted mostly of French Canadians.

Ed and David, bravo to both of you guys. You know, my dad loved this song - time to learn it. Ed - I'm going to work on this - thanks

Thanks Bob. It's a great tune to learn. My scribble can be difficult to read sometimes. Let me know if something is not clear on the lead sheet. Also, for the turnaround, I played in one chorus: Ab7 sus, B7 sus, D7 sus and F7 sus. Also, the tune works great with the original chords as well. Just depends on the way you would like to interpret it. Ed

I know I'm late, but there it is. My instrument isn't working properly, but I tried to do my best. Next time better and on time.

Ton Risco

This is absolutely gorgeous.
Amazing solo vibraphone playing.
Ed has been inspiring me since I met him,
it was 20 years ago when I knocked at his door at his office at Berklee and I asked him if I could study with him.

Back to Danny Boy....

I gotta practice......

thank you Ed !!!

Wow! I can still picture the room, the vibes and you in the lesson. I feel that as teachers we can lead and point the student in the right direction, but the dedication, growth and necessary work is all up to them. I also want to say how gratifying it is to see a student through the years develop and accomplish things as a result of talent, dedication and a great work ethic. That's what I feel when I see you out there doing what you do. Thanks Christos. Ed

Hi Ed!...
Beautiful playing as always.
I'd like to echo Christos's comments as I had a similar experience
coming into your room in the percussion department at Berklee many years ago
as well (hum....a few years before Christos) and being in awe of what you were
doing on the instrument, also the way you encouraged us back then to be creative
open minded and explore different ways of playing the vibes was very challenging.
It has stayed with me all this years and like Christos says, you keep inspiring us.
Jean-Baptiste Bocle

Thanks very much Jean-Baptiste. What was I around 15 years old back then? Ha!Ha! Seriously, I feel blessed to have had the opportunity all of these years to teach at Berklee and have guys like you and Christos come through. It has been an inspiration and also an incentive for me to keep practicing. :) I think it's so great that we are all trying to keep the music going and pass on what we have developed and learned. I had a golden opportunity to study with Gary and other teachers like Herb Pomeroy and John LaPorta. It's all about passing it along and trying to keep the tradition going.

BTW: the latest clip that you posted and that Poor Butterfly clip was exceptional. Please say hello to Gildas for me. I hope we can hang at some point in the future. It's been way too long. Best, Ed

Thanks Ed ,
I will have more to post soon as I have a couple of things coming out this year.
I'll say Hi to Gildas.
I feel lucky as well as you extended us the same golden opportunities, I remember you calling Gary
(at the end of one of my lessons with you) and after talking to him briefly you hanged up and said: "tomorrow 10 am go up to Gary's office and play a couple of tunes..."..like, no big deal, I was so nervous that night !!... but all went well and I ended up studying with him for a good while , so
those years definitely counted for me.
and yes you were just a bit older than a teenager back then...
Btw I did not know about your French-Canadian background !..that is way cool and makes us cousins,
tabernacle!..like they say in Quebec.
Yes, a hang is long overdue, who knows, maybe at the next Vibes congress .


Guys, here's the googledocs link to my version of Danny Boy that I wrote out in Bb: https://docs.google.com/a/berklee.edu/file/d/0B0TwrpqjL6dQRGtjN0xKZF9uYj...

Very nice Ed!


Thanks Rusty. Nice seeing on you on FB now. Ed

this is beautiful. glad david inspired you for your version!

Thanks Tony. Your solo version of Tennessee Waltz is also beautiful and inspiring. It's one of the tunes on my list to work on and record.

doesn't count. can't return a compliment with a compliment!!! you are the inspiring one!

A must see video for all vibes players!