The 2014 Vibraphone Congress Announcement

Professional players, college percussion teachers, students:

(if you are a pro and you're coming, let me know)

There will be a jam session Saturday Night
Free table display space for the first 10 professional players to confirm their attendance (display your CDs, music, mallets, books, etc.)
Free catered lunch Saturday afternoon, sponsored by Malletech
Players of all makes welcome
We’ll have a Musser M55, Yamaha Y3710 and Malletech

The Annual Vibraphone Congress will meet this January 4th and 5th. A chance to meet and talk with other vibe players.

The Event is free to all vibraphone players. Pros, amateurs and students!

The idea of the First Congress is to begin to form an organization of vibraphone players and then create events around the organization.

This is not a company sponsored organization. It's an organization of professionals. So all instruments and all brands are welcome. You can bring your instrument if you want.

The first event will be held at the Malletech Factory mainly because of convenience and it's being donated to us. There will be musser vibes there as well and hopefully a Yamaha.

It's a chance for vibe players to talk about the instrument, play for each other and talk about the future of the instrument.

Each night the will be a performance. We're trying to book a club, otherwise it will be at the factory.

I'm getting all the specific information now and will post it soon. I.E. address, hotels, etc.

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Hi Tony,
wow - what a fantasic event!
I just checked the airfares from Germany to Newark but it's "a little bit" too much money for whipping around to NJ just for 2 days (my schedule does not make possible to extend it to a real journey...).
So will there be a lot of possibillities to take part in events online?
It would be great to take part in as much events as possible in this way...
CU on the screen

Hi Tony,

I would like to come ... but flying from China to NJ is not cheap.

all the best for this 2014 Vibraphone Congress ... and maybe for a future one, why not here, in my conservatory in Guangzhou.

Benoit Stasiaczyk

ah man. come on guys you have to come!!!! it's gonna be great!

Hey I am in Trinidad at that time, but I am interested in being involved some way. Let me know

Could it be a web Thing?