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Greetings, I´m a new member and this is my first time writing on the Forum, despite being a long time follower of this wonderful site; I´m from Spain and just received a brand new M55 wich I´m still trying to believe how good it sounds and plays; when looking for a transformer in order to use the vibraphone´s motor here in Europe, I found this one:…

Does anybody know this unit? Is its voltage correct for using it with a M55? Wich transformers are you using when playing a Musser instrument in Europe (230V)? Any different suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your kind help!



IndianaGlen Tue, 12/22/2015 - 12:00

Great you are posting, it helps everybody when you do.

First and foremost anytime you are dealing with electrical stuff there's a risk of shock and fire. Do all of this at your own risk and do some very good testing. One test is to let things run for a few minutes, observing it it constantly, unplug everything and see if there's anything that is too hot to touch or worse smoking.

OK having said that, I was experimenting with some Oriental Motors and controllers several years ago, and I got a deal on a 220V system which is similar to the controllers and motors on the M55. I bought a small plug-in 110 to 220 adapter. It was about 2"x1"x1". It seemed to work but it got very hot. So I bought this unit and I used it for quite a while with no issues. So really it's the same issue as yours, but in reverse!

My best GUESS is that the unit you are asking about above would work fine. At 100 VA and 110 Volts works out to be about 100 watts, which is significantly more than enough power to run that little motor. Looking at the site, the voltage is correct as well. To be doubly sure, there should be something on the motor controller that will say 110/115 volts. If your motor reads US206-001U2 then it's a 110V motor according to the Oriental Motor Website.

Remember this only applies to ORIENTAL MOTOR Brand, not the Bodine Motors on the older m55s. -- although a Bodine motor will probably work as well.

It may be possible to contact Musser or your dealer to find the best solution.

Babu Tue, 12/22/2015 - 12:30

Hi Marc,
I'm french and with the same problem. I use a MW AC-AC convertor Model MW2PO45. Input 230V 50Hz COS phi = 0,73 Output : AC110V45W . Little thing, easy to transport, and since 4 years of use, no problem. Hope that helps...

seajourney Wed, 12/23/2015 - 18:49

Thanks to all for your help! I ordered the Tube Amp Doctor transformer and will add a review and pictures as soon as I have it properly working on my M55... Stay tuned!