Portable Frames

I think these frames might really change the way our instruments look. Especially for busy players in cities! I played these frames and they are incredible. Malletech is planning on making some of these frames.

What do you think? Do you want one?

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I haven't played them yet but these look like what I have tried to do but could never get there. Paul is a real engineer. These frames look fantastic and are going exactly the right direction!!! Love it Paul. I can't wait to try one for myself. Thank you so much for taking it on and applying your amazing talent to the instrument called the vibraphone.

I hav a deagan Aurora that is about 36 inches high. Is there a hatchback or suv that I can roll it into and still park it in an nyc garage?

I play this frame for about four years now and I can highly recomend them!!! Easy to transport,easy to build them up and Very stable. Even my old Bergerault Bars Sound better with this frame.

Are they availabble somewhere?

Hello Mr. Friedman,
up to now I do not know, what Malletech is going to do with my concepts. But I think it will take some time for them to get on market with that. And it will again take longer to get into the European market.

So far as I know, you are living in Germany.
Then it should be possible to build a frame for you, as I am living near Stuttgart.

Currently I am building a new frame - with testing new ideas - for my private use, as I always loose my frames when I meet other vibe players. :)
Contact me via wyndorps@web.de.