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Referring to the technical side of the instrument.

NEW from PIPERvibe - Springless Bar String for Vibraphone and Marimba

Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of those archaic springs used to hold tension on the vibe and marimba bar string? PIPERvibe now offers a new device that is simple to install (less than 5 seconds) and requires no tools. Once installed, all you have to do is pull the string to it and it will hold your bar string’s tension without springs. Over time, the string stretches but all you have to do is simply pull tension again and it holds it with fresh new tension....

Biggest Complaint about your vibraphone

What is your biggest complaint about your instrument frame? What repairs have you been putting off because parts are too hard to find or too expensive to purchase? I've heard many complaints over the years and I want to offer solutions to all these problems. I'm not interested in cosmetic issues like chipping paint or color of the bars. I'm more interested in the sound of the instrument and performance of the frame. These are things I can help with. I want to be the place everyone goes for upgrades, improvements, parts and repairs at a REASONABLE price.

Mic Wars... the saga continues

Last October, I posted about the experiences I was having at MorningStar Studios learning about recording vibes with ribbon mics and the surprisingly rich sound Glen was able to get with me sequestered in a vocal booth. Some things have changed here at home since then that I would like to share.

Glen rebuilt his drum booth. He put in all new acoustic treatment panels and gave me the old ones, so I now have a much more fully treated space in which to record that is much closer to the vocal booth experience.