Malletech Love Vibe for sale

Hi all,

I'm selling my Love Vibe to make room for another one. It's a beautiful and great sounding instrument! This is the same instrument I use in many of the videos you see on the site.

I've attached some pics. I've owned it for 2 years, and was very careful in moving it around. Portability is ok with this instrument, although a little more involved than an Omega or M55. It generally takes me 20 minutes to set it up, and it fits in my small Nissan Versa with the seats down.

I think this is an ideal instrument for a school, or someone who wants a great recording instrument that they don't want to move around all the time. I used it for three albums, and the sound is warm and beautiful.

This may not be the ideal instrument for someone who needs to pack an instrument multiple times a week, or day (which is the problem I've encountered), but quite frankly, I'd hold on to it if I only needed to move it once or twice a week.

I'm also open to trade possibilities. Here's my contact if anyone's interested;


Behn Gillece

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