Berklee Percussion Festival with Samuels, Agatiello and Saindon

Hello everyone, Just wanted to let you know about the upcoming Percussion Festival at Berklee College of Music in Boston. The festival will start on Monday, June 21st and end on Friday, June 25th. There are several tracks that we will have for students to choose from. The tracks are vibraphone, marimba, drum set and hand percussion.

Vibe faculty will include Dave Samuels, Gustavo Agatiello and myself.

About the schedule:

Monday is registration along with several concerts and masterclasses after registration.

Classes and ensembles begin on Tuesday.

Concerts: Gustavo will be playing solo on Monday from 10-11. I'll be playing in a duo with a guitarist on Thursday at 7. Dave is hosting the faculty jam session on Friday. Dave and I will also be playing in a vibe and marimba duo although the exact time hasn't been determined yet.

It should be a fun week. Here's the link if anyone would like more information:

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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Sounds really great!

Anyone attending? Taking photos? Videos? Mr Doubleday, will you be there?

Hope you'll have a lot of fun!!

- M

I'll be there... loitering/working. It isn't really made for current students of Berklee... but they are fun to go and hang and hear a lot of great music.

Can't wait to hear some solo Gustavo. Last year, he and Ed played duo in that same morning slot... it was a lot of fun.


I won't be there. I can't officially move into my apartment until September first! I wish I could see it though.

-Joe Doubleday

Hey guys,

Just wanted to give you a recap of the week.

It was a fun week. Started out with Gustavo and I playing some tunes on Monday for an hour. We had an attentive and appreciative audience. I had a lot of fun playing duo with Gustavo. He sounded fantastic. Instead of vibes and marimba, we had two vibes. I played his vibe which is unbelievable. It plays itself.

We had some good vibists and marimbists. One of the studens is a junior at college in Ohio. He really dug Berklee and is transferring here in the Fall. While we were hanging around, Dave and I played a bit together which is always fun and intense.

Dave and Gustavo were around on Friday for the student concert and Dave ran the faculty jam concert. I headed out early since I had to leave for Chicago.

My concert was on Thursday with guitarist Larry Baione. We had a lot of fun and had a nice audience. There were a lot of mallet players in the audience. Some of the attendees were: Pius Cheung, Eriko Daimo, Dave, Gustavo, Randy Cloutier, James and his wife and lots of my Berklee students. We went out to a nice Mexican restautant after the concert. The concert was audiotaped and videotaped. I'll post some of the clips in the future if they came out good.

That's about it. Maybe Randy and James can post a few things from their perspective.

Ed Saindon
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Although I missed the 1st half-hour of the concert because of traffic : ( What I did see and hear was a great concert featuring Berklee faculty Ed Saindon on vibraphone and Larry Baione on guitar. (I guess I'll have to wait until the video of the concert is posted to see the other half.)
I like the idea of videos but, you miss so much and there's nothing like being there live, in person. You can hear all the nuances of Ed's comping, his solo's, his breathing, and the interaction between the guitar and vibes.
Being part of this audience, you absolutely appreciate the music you're hearing and experiencing. I don't remember the tune I walked in on as they were ending, but the tunes I do recall were standards "Autumn Leaves" & "All The Things You Are". There was nothing standard about this performance.
It was refreshing to see and hear these tunes being played in a way that was so full of rhythm, melodic phrasing, and harmonic richness. I had look around to see if anybody else was playing along - was just Ed and Larry - it really sounded like more than two people. Ed and Larry listened so intently to each other, you could hear one answer the other. The spontaneity was incredible. (I'm sorry I missed the duo with Gustavo and Ed)

It was equally awesome to hang out and have dinner with Ed and Gustavo!

I look forward to next time!


Hi Randy,

Thanks for coming up from Rhode Island to catch the concert. It was great seeing you and hanging at dinner.

I just picked up the DVD from the concert. I'll try to get to that soon.

Keep in touch,

Ed Saindon
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