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Piper Tue, 04/25/2017 - 15:15

Leigh is doing it! The duo spring with adjustable tension, gel filled damper, adjustable strength/speed pedal are all things I started in the '90s and hoped would continue - Thanks to Leigh, they are continuing and improving! I never looked at the tremolo issues because I wasn't interested in that sound but Leigh has approached it brilliantly!

The Piper vibe was definitely way too heavy but not more than 160 lbs. and it didn't evolve but Leigh is definitely picking up from there! HA! Now that Leigh has Paul Wyndorp's folding frame, I hope he'll get going on that so I don't have to. I'm way too busy and focussed on my playing and writing and it was costing me a fortune to try and come up with what Paul seems to have accomplished.

The MAIN thing Leigh's instruments are lacking are my bar mounts and the "springless string tensioning" system (which is just sail boat cam cleats mounted on the frame). My bar mounts are no longer protected by patents and musser no longer is licensed (Patent and license ran out in 2016) so I'm hoping Leigh will start using them on his vibes. They can be made now via water jet for pennies a piece. They're great on marimbas too.

The other thing that needs to be an option is that nasty pedal on the Omega but that's a minor issue and can be changed very easily. I hate the pedal on the omega. Needs to extend to the right and be stable for me - no swivel.

Other than that - Leigh seems to be ON TRACK for owning the market in a matter of a few years!

I'm really excited to see what's next. I'm also excited to feel that I no longer have to do it. I've always felt that Leigh was the ONLY person I EVER spoke to who really understood the Triad; the Instrument (bars), Resonators and the Musician. Love the direction this is going. "Triad" might make a great name for that new folding instrument!


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