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Hey everyone,

the VDOP is another way to try and get the word out about the vibraphone. Official the day is called 'VIRTUAL DAY OF PERCUSSION: FEATURING THE VIBRAPHONE'.

The plan is to play and hang all day. I'm planning a google hangout throughout the day, live performances and videoed performances.

If you want to participate video yourself playing something well. Put up on youtube as UNLISTED (not private) and send me the link. I'll do all the rest.

I've asked some pros and long time members who are playing out and about to do something already, but all are welcome.

I'm also going to open the site up for free for all the content for 2 hours on that day, so tell your friends who might be interested.


illya Sat, 02/01/2014 - 16:14

what a good idea!! I'll try to send a video!
bravo Tony.


What instruments does this pertain to?