Piano Players Trying To Play Like a Vibe Player

I always think there grace notes are not where we'd put them. This one isn't terrible. And actually the vibe sound is nice.

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seems like there's some variance between the timing of the grace notes and the actual note. They aren't as consistent and/or as interesting as most vibe players would sound them.

that's exactly what i thought! but i didn't say anything. also, i think grace notes have to be used sparingly on the vibes. some beginning players do them alot. i usually stop my students from playing grace notes to help them play many less notes.

Yes, agree. Whenever I hear a recording - let's say a smooth jazz tune - and I think that it may be a synth I always listen for the grace notes. My working theory is that physically your piano fingers are just so close together that a piano player just flicks his fingers down on the keyboard and so the grace notes just get kind of squished together.

Nice sound though.


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Totally agree with this - I play keys as well as some vibes and I always avoid vibe sounds like the plague. Really tough to get the feel and phrasing of the real thing.