Bags and Wes

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Both from Indiana!

BTW, Neither Wes nor Bags could read music all that well. Especially Wes. I heard they would have to allow for extra time in the studio for him.

gary said he was hired a few times to read the vibes part and then milt would solo.

all in all it doesn't matter does it? milt played so beautiful. i'd rather play beautiful solos then be able to read well, if i had to pick one. and their backgrounds probably implied that. meaning they were not educated in school about reading music. i guess. not that i know any of this.

I agree, playing well is the bottom line. Perhaps it's a tribute genius to both of them is that they were so good allowances were made. Maybe, I'm overly interested because I'm a poor reader. I wonder in today's jazz world whether they could have gotten as far. I do think learning how to read is important in this day and age. Maybe I should stop talking and work on it already :)

Listening to it as I write this. Damn! this is a goooooood music.

I love the recording of Stablemates and S.K.J off this album. Especially the Double Time parts of Bag's solo on S.K.J