Blues Train - Everybody Please read.

Here's the plan:

Today is March 15th: Deadline is March 25th.

Play this track. Wear headphones when you record. Don't record the track.

Count off with the 2 bar intro. But count like this. 2,3,4,1,2. Make sure your counting is on. Then play 2 choruses of a blues solo audio or video.

Then send it to me. After March 25 I'll put it together with my backing tracks and make a video out of it.

If you are in, please put your name in the comments.

When you send me the file title it like this.

Remember only 2 choruses, video prefered but Audio will work as well. Don't record the backing track USE HEADPHONES.

Access: Anonymous


I'm in ! Nice to have something interesting to do at home in theses COVID 19 times :o)

good so put on headphones, play your choruses. count off with the 2 bars in front. or at least click your sticks! then play your solo, email me the track.

Here's an example.

listen to this. first you hear my 2 choruses complete with the play along. next you hear only my track. i count off and play.

Supporting Files: 

Is the original track supposed to have three choruses? That makes it a little hard to time the audio/video. Can you post the one you used with the piano?

that's alright. play three choruses tristan.
that file above works.

I'm in!