Tinfoil Works Well On The Vibes :-) (Actually sounds nice)

He brings out the Tinfoil about 5 minutes in. He's also into effects. He did not need to set up the accidentals :-).

He talks about his equipment at the end.

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missing video?

Always great to see people experimenting and trying different sounds and techniques. Even if the end result isn't everybody's cup of tea, I think if we don't embrace such things, our instrument will go the way of the lute and xylophone.
Tony, do you think that could be the next TOTM?

i'm working on the best brand for this before i do any lessons. :-)

I'll try wax paper, newspaper and toilet paper. ok???

I've been using a "steel pull chain effect" on a few tunes - adds a nice weird sizzle with cool harmonics. Here's a pic - I'll comment again and upload an audio sample.

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Here's a sample of what the steel pull chain effect sounds like...available at you local hardware store...

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Wax paper, either makes you poetic or makes the sound more slick. Newspaper hard to come by because of the internet. TP, helps the bottom end unless you use too much.

I've used plenty of 'extended techniques' on the vibes in the past, always lots of fun. Toilet plug chain (as above), hairbrushes and combs, violin bows (on the frame itself, not just the notes), forks and knives (careful about scratching the bars!), stones (don't recommend it, can damage the notes), the frame itself (lots of percussive sounds to be found), children's megaphone (creates a distortion/ feedback effect when you play a note next to it), (out of date :-)) credit cards scraped along the notes, and many more.
Also once saw a guy in Berlin (called Emilio Gordoa I think) using beer cans, springs and other stuff...