Take an Hour and Watch This

Here's why Mike Mainieri is playing solo here. It was right after 9/11. All flights were cancelled. Mike left 2 days before 9/11. So the band could not make it! Very sad.

It's Mike Manieri giving a solo concert. It's pretty incredible.

I always wonder how someone fills an hour by themselves on stage. Friedman does it and would love if he talked about it. He cheats and plays the wood. I know that. So does Mike do it here.

I can see how to do a few tunes (thanks to you guys and mini concerts). I think I have a way to pull off a set and would love to try it sometime.

What I love about this is Mike is not a technique meister like Burton but to me what he plays is totally up there with Burton. Sometimes lots of technique gets in the way. Mike does a great job here.

I would love to see David Friedman do his solo set.

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The harmony on Over the Rainbow is so great.

Not only is this performance exquisite but it demonstrates Mike's very unique ability to keep things interesting without a single gimmick - just great music. That's SOOOO hard to do. Honest greatness.

I was going to just check this out for a few minutes and stayed for the whole concert. His music feels like it goes beyond sound and crosses over into the visual. He creates colors and rhythms that could be a painter working with color on a huge canvas. Extraordinary!

Tony, thanks so much for posting this! Mike has always been my favourite player and here, it's easy to hear his musicality, breadth of styles, use of space and fluid sense of time. Beautifully expressive playing.

he is truly amazing. i think he must have incredible ears!